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The Uniform Factory

#87/88, Lubbay Masjid Street, Commercial Street Cross, Bangalore-560001

+91 9886665955

About The Uniform Factory

Over the years our reputation for providing prompt efficient service has grown steadily, and our range of products has expanded to meet the needs of our customers.


Our Factory is where it all happens. The uniforms are wore much later after the making but even way before they are been used and even before the actual manufacturing, Our team put the layout of the customers specification and plans the uniform designs and pieces to deliver a flawless, smart, cool uniforms.

The infrastructure here at “The Uniform factory” is made up to the mark and speedy, easy, flawless work flow

Over about 60 sewing machines operated with precision and guidance and another 300 to 500 machine capacity is outsourced.

Skilled, trained and reliable hands for Packaging & Quality Check

Covered & racked Warehouse maintained as per international standards

Above all the main consideration to be given is the type of right suitable fabric. And its not just the material and the infra. Our team also stands in the major part of making”The Uniform Factory” to be success that we are today.

The Work


Our garments are designed to offer maximum comfort. We utilise unisex, male and female shaped garments as required. Our extensive size range guarantees individual satisfaction and a tailored measuring service is offered to ensure this perfect fit...


All our garments are compatible to international standards. In addition we provide ideas and designs for user advice. All our garments are optimal performers in each specific marketplace.

Quality Control

Complete peace of mind regarding the ongoing performance of all our garments and protection systems. All the materials we utilise have been tested and have a proven track record.

Customer Service

In addition to internal customer service support, we operate teams of highly qualified agents and salespersons locally, who are available for hands on customer guidance and support.

Strategic Consulting

Utilising highly trained staff and the most modern technology, the production of our garments are allocated to various factories, dependent on styles and quantities required. All garments are designed and tested in our manufacturing plant. This facility is also used for smaller productions of stock items, ensuring quick and efficient turnaround of orders.  In addition to our fully integrated manufacturing plant, to ensure we have access to the most technologically advanced testing laboratories available. Our facilities are utilized for ongoing quality control procedures and extensive research and development.

Styling Values

Breakdown of Services

Uniforms completely designed by us or made according to customers requirement, will have one thing in common and that is perfection. In all the uniforms that we manufacture you will see a sense of unified comfort.

For all Fits

The uniforms are made for all fits and the garment used is tailored to give comfort in every type of use.

  • Perfection
  • Discipline
  • Values
  • Principle
  • Oneness
  • Comfort
  • Durability
  • Affordable
  • Long Term
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